Hiking Through Hidden Waters Preserve In Florida Featured

Hiking Through Hidden Waters Preserve In Florida

On our first adventure, you will discover a hidden gem that we sought out to see in Central Florida.

If you have been trying to find the right trail to take your family on, then this article is for you.

Getting outside and enjoying playing is something that is becoming less popular due to technology that keeps our mind away from the simpler things in this world, but the issue is also finding the right path that’s going to help us get to the goal.

Most people will go crazy searching for the right trail to take their family on and maybe not do anything because they didn’t find the right place.

So, whether you are looking to get out and find that right trail or just find somewhere so that you can enjoy being outside, this article will help you find what you are looking for.

Before we took our girls on their first hiking trip, we wanted to find something that was easy for them to do.

Jennifer had done some research on different trails, and we had a few that peaked our interest.

The one we decided to go to is located in Eustis, FL called Hidden Waters Preserve, and was developed around an old golf course due to a sinkhole.

Sweet Pea and Pumpkin in front of Hidden Waters Preserve entrance

We thought it would be cool to go see if we could find the sinkhole and show the girls what a sinkhole is all about.

Now I’ve seen and lived near a place that had a couple of sinkholes develop, and we even had the local news come out to share about it.

Hidden Waters Preserve has some nice nature trails that keeps you wanting to see more, but because we were wanting to see the sinkhole, we didn’t see all the trails here.

Maybe on our next time back there, we’ll scope out the rest of the trails.

Once we got to Hidden Waters Preserve, we parked in what we thought was the place to park only to find out we needed to park at a different location.

Which was right around the corner.

The parking place that we ended up going to had more areas to park at than the place we originally parked at.

After getting everyone out of the car, we began on our first hiking journey as a family!

As we started walking down the trail, we ended up bumping into an older couple, who we saw when we parked at the other parking area, and they gave us some insight as to where we should go to view the area as they came from the way we were going to go.

They pretty much gave us simple instructions. I believe it was, following the path that has color on the trees.

We saw trees that had blue, red, and I believe yellow rope around them to make sure people stayed on the right path. We stayed on the blue path.

Maybe we stayed on that path because blue is my favorite color. 🤪

While we were hiking the trail, we allowed Sweet Pea to be our guide and even though we had never been here before, she guided us like a pro. She knew exactly where to go.

She led us right to a nice little creek/stream of water!

What’s really nice about trails like this, is being able to see what nature has evolved into. Hearing a stream of water flowing down the side of the trail while walking, is amazing.

So far at this point we haven’t seen the sinkhole yet, but we kept trekking to find it. 🤣

After we saw the creek, we moved on and walked a little down the trail before everyone got hungry and needed some homemade snacks to keep them going.

We made a trail mix that consisted of cashews, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, raisins, and vegan chocolate chips.

But due to the heat, the chocolate chips were not added.

Oh, the tragedy!

While we were having our snacks, we kept walking along the trail.

We came to a big area where I thought the sinkhole had been, but thought that maybe it wasn’t it.

Once we went around the big area, we finally came back to where we started and was greeted by a turtle. 🐢

We had such a great time going on this trail and feel like we could go back again.

BTW, what I thought was the sinkhole was actually the sinkhole.

Let us know in the comments below what you thought of Hidden Waters Preserve!

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