Hey there! We’re the Cohns, an adventurous plant-based family of four seeking new places to visit and experiencing new levels of excitement that we never thought possible. We enjoy sharing our adventures on our YouTube channel. Our home base is being surrounded by a lush landscape of palm trees, basking in the warmth of year-round sunshine, and embracing the vibrant, tropical energy that permeates the air in Central Florida.

Have you always dreamed of having a life full of adventures, freedom, and a sense to travel? This is our dream too.

Travel Along With Us

Jen & JC Parasailing
Before we even started our YouTube channel, Jennifer and I had done a few adventurous excursions before having a family. We’ve visited the mountains of Tennessee, the islands of Jamaica and Grand Cayman Island, Key West, islands of St. Maarten, St. Thomas, and Puerto Rico.
JC Skiing at Breckenridge, CO

Before meeting Jennifer, I have skied in various mountains across the US, including the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains.

I have visited ski resorts in California, Colorado, Utah, West Virginia, Maine, and New Hampshire. Key highlights include Lake Tahoe in California and Nevada, Breckenridge Ski Resort in Colorado, Sunday River Ski Resort in Maine, and Park City Resort in Utah. I have also been to many other ski resorts.

Jennifer on race day

Jennifer had always had a passion for running. Over time, her collection of bibs and medals grew, a testament to her dedication.

She had successfully completed numerous 5k races, each time improving her stride and timing. Not stopping there, she pushed herself further to conquer a 10k, testing her endurance and mental fortitude.

One of her most remarkable achievements was finishing a half marathon. The grueling 13.1 miles didn’t deter Jennifer; instead, it only fueled her desire to accomplish even more. And she did. She trained harder, running longer distances, battling fatigue, and overcoming countless challenges. Her relentless spirit led her to achieve the crowning jewel of distance running: a full marathon. Crossing that finish line wasn’t just a personal victory for Jennifer; it was a testament to her unbeatable spirit.

Truly, she is an exemplary figure, inspiring many with her sheer determination and passion.

We Adventured Through Life

JC & Jen at a corn maze

Quite literally. Adventuring has always been part of our life together and has made us who we are.

This desire for adventure has shaped our stories, and our individual personalities. Every time we step out of our comfort zone, be it hiking an unfamiliar trail, or simply trying a new experience, we’re engaging with the spirit of adventure.

And each adventure, no matter how big or small, leaves its mark on us. It teaches us about the world and about ourselves, expanding our horizons and pushing us to grow.

While it was just the two of us, Jennifer and I had found our own adventures. During our earlier years together in marriage, amidst dreams and aspirations, we contemplated expanding our family. Questions arose, discussions ensued: What would be the ideal number of children for us? How would our family take shape?

With hope in our hearts, we turned to prayer, seeking guidance for our shared journey ahead. It’s awe-inspiring to reflect on how the divine played its role. God graced our lives, blessing us with two incredible daughters. These moments, these decisions, were our personal adventures, shaping the very core of our family’s story.

Sweet Pea & Pumpkin posing

Adventure isn’t just about scaling the tallest peaks or venturing into uncharted territories. It’s also about the personal journeys we embark on, the challenges we face, and the choices we make. Each time we step out of our comfort zones or embrace new experiences, we’re tapping into the spirit of exploration.

Our adventures, both big and small, shape us. They provide lessons, foster growth, and create bonds that last a lifetime. When Jennifer and I reflect on our lives, we see a tapestry of adventures, from the vast, world-spanning ones to the deeply personal. And at the heart of it all, it’s this spirit of adventure that has truly made us who we are today.

Adventuring isn’t just something we do; it’s something we are.


In recent years, we thought a lot about life and what’s truly important to us. After going through a hectic season where we almost lost JC due to a traumatic injury, more on that later, we really was questioning what makes us fulfilled?

JC in a coma at the hospital

In 2021 we were blessed to celebrate our 10 year anniversary! We decided to travel to Tennessee as that’s where we went for our honeymoon. We hike many trails and saw many waterfalls.

While we were visiting these trails, God had revealed to JC that there’s more to life than we can imagine and there’s a lot of places for us to enjoy that we’ve never been to. This is how we came up with Adventures With The Cohns.

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